Good clean fishing boat. The crew is very organized and making sure to help the not- so- experienced customers to fish and get the fish off the hook when customers get one. My two children love the fishing trip with their father. I was feeling strong sea sick because the boat was wabbleing back and forth. I felt like I was on those "pirate ship" ride for 4 hours. If the day was nicer and the boat was not so wobbly, I would give it 5 star.

The captain and crews are very friendly. My family enjoy the trip very much and we planning to visit again soon......

Great boat and awesome crew. Not a bad day. Capt moves around to find the fish and keeps them busy. Well worth it.

Loved it and going back again this weekend!

Tip the crew. They really are friendly. Perfect balance of help when you need it but still let you go after it

The crew were friendly and helpful.

It was a great day! The captain and mate were wonderful. I highly recommend this half-day fluke fishing trip.

Terrific !! the crew was helpful and friendly. I took my son and my two grandchildren, both new to fishing, and just had a blast.

Excellent crew. Very accomodating, friendly and courteous.

It was such a great experience. Friendly and helpful staff. The only bad part was there were a few people that ruined the trip bc they didn't understand the concept of a fish not being at legal size and insisted on keeping it. Nonetheless less, great date idea!!

boat felt very co
mfortable and the mates very helpful.

Great time. Great crew.

The crew was very friendly and professional. We had a great time!

I almost caught a fish. Staff was friendly and helpful. It was my first fishing trip ever! I highly recommended Angler!

Spur of the moment trip. Nice Captain and good crew. We did not have any keepers...a few good fluke (20+") did come up. Will go again.

Great friendly crew!  and we fully enjoyed it.

Great trip. Relaxing. Captain and mate always there to help. Will book again

Bring a cooler for snacks. Other then that fun .. Crew was beyond helpful and pleasant was very nice experience first time my so went and he loved it and caught on quickly even caught his first Lil fish .. Will be going g back very soon!!

This is
 a great trip. Very nice people thanks

We didn't catch any 'keepers' in our group of 5 but overall, a nice trip! Get there on time and make a reservation in advance:)

This was my daughter's first fishing trip and she is excited for our next one.

The mates were very nice and helpful. Boat is well kept and clean. It was a nice day out on the water!

Great service! Highly recommended.

Great crew. Tips are well deserved

Unfortunately the Angler Fleet cancelled my husband and son's fishing trip twice and they never honored their groupon because it ended up expiring. My husband's work schedule prevents him from having weekends free so when he booked the fishing trip on the 2 separate weekends he was able to have off it was very disappointing that the Angler Fleet cancelled due to "not enough customers."

Great service! Highly recommended.

Great crew. Tips are well deserved

We had a great time!

I took my husband fishing for his birthday and I'm so glad I choose Angler Fishing Fleet! We had an amazing experience and my husband LOVED it! Stan and Phil were super nice and professional. Phil explained how to use the rod and reel in a fish. Both men were always there to help us and answer any questions we had. I caught the biggest Fluke on the boat and Phil was nice enough to fillet it for us! It was yummy btw! We're definitely going back! Thanks Stan and Phil!!


We had fun with Angler Fishing Fleet. I think it's better than Captree Fleets in distance, views, and services.

June 13, 2016
Thank you for your great review. We hope to see you out with us again soon.

 Replied on June 14, 2016

We didn't catch any fish because the boat doesn't have sonar and when it stops it doesn't anchor and the boat moves a lot making me seasick

June 04, 2016

I have no words to reply for this review. Capt. Ken
 Replied on June 07, 2016

Very nice crew. Clean and professional personnel
May 31, 2016

Awesome experience! Staff was very friendly and helpful.
May 28, 2016

Nice crew and clean boat. Today was a beautiful day for fishing. Thanks guys!
May 28, 2016

Always good to get there early so you can sign in and set up your gear quickly.

May 28, 201

They are friendly and helpful.
It was great!!!!
Great service ,and the Mates are super nice ,and helpfull
Great crew warm greeting very knowledgeable great personality must do again
The angler fishing fleet has a parking area that is visable but not obvious from the street. When you turn into the parking area the dock is all the way at the end (look for water) but the gate to the ramp is small and blends in. Crew was great.

The ANGLER (718) 659-8181

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