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Bass and Bluefish trip jigging/chunking

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Thrilling Bass and Bluefish Adventure in Port Washington, NY!

The Angler Fleet’s Bass and Bluefish trip is an exciting angling adventure that combines the thrill of jigging and chunking to target these prized gamefish. Setting out from their base in Port Washington, New York, anglers are in for an action-packed day on the water.

Jigging involves using specialized lures to mimic the movement of prey fish, enticing bass and bluefish to strike. The thrill of feeling a powerful strike and the challenge of reeling in these strong fish make jigging an exciting technique. On the other hand, chunking involves using chunks of baitfish like bunker or mackerel to attract bass and bluefish. It’s a proven method to entice larger specimens, and the experienced crew aboard the Angler Fleet will provide guidance and support to ensure your success. Whether you prefer the finesse of jigging or the anticipation of chunking, this trip promises an unforgettable day of angling action on the beautiful waters of Long Island Sound.